Buying A Home

Buying a home is by far the biggest legal and financial transaction that most people make in their lifetime. It can be confusing and it can be intimidating but the proper realtor, broker, lender and lawyer should be able to make it “clear-sailing”.

Making Your Offer

Usually this is done with an experienced, respected realtor. I highly recommend this but, for those people who prefer to do it themselves, my office will review the offer before you do sign off on it. If you don’t have a realtor to assist you with your offer or a lawyer to review it you can miss out on important details. Do you want the fridge and stove included? Do you want the alarm system and the contract that goes with it? You may not be aware of important conditions to be satisfied before you finalize the offer. Can you get the financing? Will you have a home inspection done? Can you have animals or park your motor home at the condo? You will sleep better before and after your move if you have the right professional helping you.

Lawyer’s Role

Again an experienced and respected realtor is the best person to help you look for your home and perhaps steer you in the direction of a great mortgage broker.

Once your offer is “firmed up” the realtor and the lender will send the lawyer the offer and mortgage instructions respectively. In very rare instances a lawyer is not involved but again this is rare. The bank will insist on a lawyer to prepare the mortgage and control the money. You will want a lawyer to ensure that you get what you pay for and move in as scheduled. Besides reviewing the offer to make sure it is sound the lawyer will ensure the property is transferred to you, that you get clear title with the Seller’s mortgages and so forth taken from title, that your mortgage is properly registered and that Sellers pay their share of taxes.

At my office a lawyer will always meet with you personally and be with you from the first review of your offer to the day you move in and beyond, if necessary.

Selling A Home

This is not as intimidating as buying but it still ranks up there as a major financial transaction in our lives because of the amount of money involved.

A seller does not have to do the same preparation as a buyer but again the lawyer has an important role to play reviewing the offer, ensuring you have the proper documents to give to the buyer’s lawyer which usually includes a current Real Property Report, paying off your financial obligations tied to your home and getting them removed from the title, etc.

Rent To Own

As market conditions change there has been an increase in the number of people wanting to rent-to-own. A lawyer will definitely be needed to ensure that both sides are getting what they want and need while the rent-to-own exists and after the actual purchase date occurs.

Cost (Our Legal Fees)

My office will you give you an “all-in” quote including legal fees, out of pocket costs such as registration and couriers, plus GST with no hidden costs at the end.